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Our asphalt plant is recognized as one of the most modern in the country

Our asphalt plant is operated by our wholly-owned subsidiary Albany Asphalt & Aggregates Corp. It is located on the Hudson River in the Port of Albany, and is recognized as one of the most modern asphalt plants in the country. This location is convenient to major highways, and ensures prompt delivery of product to job sites throughout the region.

Albany Asphalt supplies the needs of dozens of area municipalities as well as other paving firms. Our mix designs incorporate SUPERPAVE - SUperior PERforming Asphalt PAVEment. This evolving, environment-friendly paving concept reduces demand for aggregates and enhances results by matching performance-graded binders with specific pavement requirements.

The Right Mix For The Right Job
Our engineers will work with you to select the right aggregate and formulate the mix design you need, test it, and provide the documentation to ensure that the end product will be identical from batch-to-batch.

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