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After Hours Paving Allows Major Regional Shopping Center To Operate Without Interruption To Customers Or Service.

When Stuyvesant Plaza, a major retail shopping center located in Albany, NY needed to have their 1,100-car parking lot repaved, management wanted to be sure it could be done quickly and without interruption to their customers and tenants. The only way to meet this demand was to pave late at night after the stores and restaurants had closed. According to Peter Hallock, Vice President, and engineer for the job, “Paving at night offers a number of advantages: The first, of course, is traffic. We were able to pave and paint the entire 8-acre lot in two nights without disrupting service to the Plaza’s customers and businesses. And because there’s far less traffic at night, safety hazards are also reduced.”

“Another advantage is that our asphalt plant is located in The Port of Albany, and by paving at night, we were able to devote the plant’s entire capacity to supplying the Stuyvesant job. We had a convoy of trucks running all night from the plant to the job site. By sunrise we were painting the stripes, and by 9AM, the Plaza was ready to open.”

Low Impact Paving
Most asphalt paving, like the Stuyvesant Plaza project, can be planned and carried out to take advantage of low-traffic periods such as nights and weekends to minimize the impact on motorists, residences and businesses.

Major Advantages
Asphalt paving is ready for traffic as soon as it has been compacted and cooled. This enhances traffic flow and minimizes closures and delays that frustrate motorists and cost money. The impact on businesses is also dramatically reduced when roadwork and paving can be completed quickly

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